Monday, April 10, 2023

lmof, great film but a possible error

LMOF is a great documentary. I have watched it 20 times. It’s very inspiring. But there’s a mistake or two. Here’s one of them. Rabbi JJ Schacter is talking about the Rav’s “complicated relationship with the yeshiva world” and the documentary shows a photo of the Rav with the Lub. Rebbe with whom he did NOT have a complicated relationship and who is NOT in the yeshiva world. (51:39) [Compare to 4:06 in] They were old friends who supported one another without criticism. So this is an error. Or it seems to be. Maybe you can say that his support of the Rebbe further complicated his relationship with the yeshiva world and that's what this photo is all about. But I think you'd have to explain that to the audience. So I think it's a mistake. But that aside, wonderful film.



Excerpt: The Rebbe and the Rav

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