Thursday, December 7, 2023

not enclosed within the confines of cult sanctuaries

 "It [halacha] does not differentiate between the man who stands in his house of worship engaged in ritual activities and the mortal who must wage the arduous battle of life. The halachah declares that man stands before G-d, not only in the synagogue, but also in the public domain- in his house, while on a journey, while lying down and rising up....

The halachah is not enclosed within the confines of cult sanctuaries, but penetrates into every nook and cranny of life- the marketplace, the street, the factory, the house, the meeting place, the banquet hall- all constitute the backdrop for religious life."

R' Joseph Soloveitchik

Halakhic Man, pp. 93-94, cited in Rabbi_Beinish__Ginsburg/Behar-_Serve_Hashem_Everywhere

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